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Show me your hands

These hands belongs to a carpenter and they build houses out of souls these hands feed the hungry closed the necked gave rest to the weary these hands gave you abundance of life so that you may plant trees under the shade which you will never sit these hands attended to the garden of the poor what will you do with your hands? Learn more

Whatever it Takes

More tears are shed over answered prayers then unanswered ones. Whatever it takes when a man makes a vow to the LORD or takes an oath to obligate himself By a Pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said. Learn More

The Amber alert

warning mother missing two children boy and girl ages six and eight year last seen foraging in dumpster behind restaurant known hangout beneath southbound freeway mother in red oversize hoodie short blue pants no socks and wearing sandals girl wearing gray sweater gray sleeping blanket wrapped around her shoulders one sock white tennis shoes boy large overcoat and a blue back pack. Learn More

Your daily bread for today

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat. Learn more

Pennies In A Pond

Do the right thing flip a penny!




Get Involved

Get involved)  PIAP is working every day to ensure every person has the basic essentials for life. Shelter, clothing, and food, but to continue our vital work, we need your support. The best time to flip a penny was 20 years ago the next best time is now! To help houseless individuals transform their lives.
Plan of action through government assistance low-income Housing with families in shelters, who are ready to move from shelters to transitional housing to create suitable employment by small businesses and companies to hiring the houseless person with the assistance of subsidized hourly wages from pennies in a pond, Through micro financing to encourage small business owner in the community, the houseless person. Win! DONATE Adopt a youth. Together, we can help put an end to houseless Take the leap today and become a sponsor! We encourage entrepreneurship within the houseless community to seek out opportunities in the community and surrounding businesses. Companies and corporations finding ways to serve the community and creating small entrepreneurship among them self be it street vendor’s landscaper’s repair person, janitorial services and with your constantly in-kind support we learned to say (we ) instead ( I ) (we) instead of( me) (our) instead of (mine) and that’s how we create (a you and me world) versus a (you or me world) And when some formerly houseless people, who are finally able to obtain housing and  return to a normal lifestyle, to donated and volunteer services to the organizations that provided aid to them during their houseless tenure To assist in the caring process’s and bring about a change in the community by the community!YOU can make a real difference in the lives of houseless mother with children who sleeps on the freeways of America by supporting PIAP Your support means that we can reach into the streets, alleys and beaches abandoning houses and under the freeways of America and give hope. Not the hope of one day or one month, but for a lifetime!Please help us make that commitment. Your financial donation goes
directly to assisting houseless women with children, (DONATE)Housing Support Take The Leap Today and Become a Sponsor! In order to improve the lives of houseless  and at Risk youth, we must strive to improve the conditions of the entire family, in an effort to create a “you and me world” PIAP Has developed an Apartment Support program to provide an effective Method of transitioning, Sponsored  A family from freeways to shelters from shelter to transitional housing from transitional housing into permanent housing and receive benefits such as: assistance with:

• First and last and security deposit for move 3 to 6 months food vouchers

• Activities to promote values, life skills

• budgeting, and money management

PIAP is committed to providing the best possible Environment in order to ensure a happy and healthy Future for these young individuals and mothers with children who sleep under the freeways of America, with your support, we can provide the much needed sustenance to keep Families Together and  going strong,   this is how they carry their future around,” how do you carry your?

Five out of 10 children  today attending school who are trying to pursue an education are houseless. Some of these children look forward to learning just to get out  the streets and have a place to go and get something to eat. and go back to the  freeways where they live under.  No food,  A place they call home no proper clothing, nor shelter, these  children are suffering without a place to call home. For 81.92 donations you can adopt an individual family from under the freeway for one night; have your children helped collect pennies  forI lived on the streets and slept in doorways. I begged for food on corners and eat  out of dumpsters. I bathed in the river. An Angel cannot fly with one wing; (donate)